Our values
The law office of Dr. Langfinger & Partner is built on trust, cooperation, quality and reliability, both with regard to our clients as well as internally. We view these values as the foundation of the success of our work, and thus also of the success of our clients.

Our basis
Although we are experts in the field of intellectual property, at the interface of technology, science and law, we do not rest on our laurels. We continuously make use of training offered by the best of the industry to update our know-how with the latest developments.

Our goal
Your concerns and considerations are our guiding light. We strive to provide you with the best possible advice to ensure your economic success.

We go the extra mile

As specialists at the interface between law, technology, and business, we are more than just executive service providers. If desired, we will also contribute our know-how to help you structure your legal relationships as well as your technical and economic processes.

We know our clients’ concern
Our lead partner, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Langfinger, former head of the Intellectual Property Department of BASF SE, brought into our firm a deep and comprehensive understanding of the needs of employees in the patent field or of corporate patent departments and their internal processes. As a result of our own entrepreneurial activities, we are also well acquainted with the conditions facing start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises.