Dr. Langfinger & Partner mbB

Welcome to the office of Dr. Langfinger & Partner mbB, patent attorneys, an association of specialists in the field of intellectual property rights.

We bring together people, technology, law, and economics.

We support you in creating, managing, and protecting your intellectual property – an important component in the strategy of modern-day enterprise management.

Intellectual property rights are a proven means of protecting your innovations and your corporate image. They help you succeed in the market. With intellectual property you create value that can be put to use, licensed, traded, or entered on the balance sheet. We provide you with the tools and the strategies to do so.

Due to our many years of experience in the industry, we have established especially effective structures. Our efficient, fully digital workflows ensure the greatest degree of flexibility possible. On request, we can manage all data for your intellectual property rights. Using a specially secured Internet connection, you can access at any time all data and documents stored on our servers, place orders directly through your account, and much more.

Our profound technical knowledge in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, engineering, and computer science is supplemented by extensive experience in patent litigation, license negotiation, and the law governing employee inventions. It will also be our pleasure to advise you with regard to possible public subsidies for your project, such as made available by the SIGNO initiative of the German Federal Economics Ministry for first-time patent applications.

On 12 June 2015, Dr. Langfinger was again listed in the publication “The World’s Leading IP Strategists”, which presents the world’s 300 leading strategic experts in the intellectual property field. The list is published by the renowned Thomson Reuters legal publishing house.